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Raj is an award-winning C suite leader who has helped multiple organizations and global organizations grow their impact.

Raj believes that intentionally building a wealth mindset is something that anyone can do or anyone who wants to impact this world must do.

To Raj, wealth is more than just money, it’s a perspective, it is a frame of mind, it is a worldview, it is a lifestyle that allows us to function as a conduit from which wealth can flow through and transform lives and communities.

Raj is the creator of “Guidance to Wealth,” a program that has helped hundreds become financially stress-free. Raj’s latest program, “Guidance to Wealth for Coaches & Consultants” – The Millionaire Path, helps coaches build their wealth mindset and business acumen, learn techniques, gain clients and start the journey of going from 5 to 7 figures.

Raj has over 30 years of experience in the leadership development space. He has worked with leaders from all walks of life and helped them develop their skillset and grow into better leaders. Raj believes in using the latest techniques and ideas to help leaders achieve success.

Raj is the host of a popular radio show on IBGR.network. He is also a sought-after speaker, online educator and consultant for top leaders.

Raj is a certfied Human Behavior Analyis Trainer – DISC Certified

Raj is the co-author of the book “The Successful Mind.”

He has been a guest on leading webinars and podcasts, including being an expert & keynote on webinars in Mauritius, Bangladesh, and India.

Raj has been instrumental in consulting with small businesses to grow & monetize their business by providing them insight on business, marketing, and finance.

Raj is a Non-Profit Expert and he works and consults with Non-Profits in many facets, inclding financial consulting, and professional development.

He is passionate about helping others achieve their dreams and reach their full potential. When he’s not working, you can find him taking photographs in nature, reading, or spending time with his wife.

Raj has taken companies from shoestring startups to generating millions of dollars in revenue. Raj is also an accomplished trainer, having trained at Fortune 500 companies, including Tropicana.

Raj has led extensive workshops, seminars, coaching sessions, mastermind sessions, keynote engagements, and group and one-on-one coaching sessions. He has coached thousands of individuals during his career and created powerful instructional programs and courses.

He has developed financial leadership programs, introduced leadership training, and Mastermind sessions at various organizations.  He has designed, developed and led workshops on leadership, communication, and productivity across the country.

He trained hundreds of trainers in Costa Rica with the John Maxwell Team.

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