Meet Raj

From a very early age, I had a passion for Self Improvement and Self Development. Learning about success, achieving success and teaching success has been my lifelong goal. I believe success is a journey, not a destination. This journey is to be enjoyed at every stage of life.

With over 25 years of experience in various leadership positions, I am able to provide you and your organization guidance through my work and life experiences.

Self-development & growth has been a regular part of my life. Starting with getting introduced to the Photoreading concept in New York in the early 1990’s I have never stepped back from learning and growing. In my quest for self-development, I learned and practiced Hypnotherapy and got certified from the National Guild of Hypnotists as a “Certified Hypnotherapist”. This led me to explore NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and went deeper into how our minds work.

Consistently through my life, I read works from almost every Self Help, Motivational and Inspirational gurus, who are currently writing and those who have written material and books that have changed lives. Their writings and thoughts have  influenced my life in a profound way.

I have used these resources to help anyone who comes in my contact as teaching gives me the joy.

As my passion has always been to help, I have worked for and with Not-for-profit organizations in the leadership and finance field for over 30 years.

As an entrepreneur, I have opened many businesses and worked across many industries. I had an Advertising & MarketingRaj with John Maxwell company.  A Computer consulting business.  Worked with a few MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) companies. Opened a Ladies clothing dress business in a partnership that had retail outlets and a Web development company with a team overseas, where we developed websites including e-commerce web sites, and finally, online stores business selling products. In the web development business I was exposed to many businesses as I had to learn the client’s business before creating their website and this cross-platform interaction gave me in-depth knowledge of different industries and I was able to take that knowledge and apply it across different sections and sectors of business, bringing best of one industry to another.

I Have:

  • Taken companies from shoe-string startup to generating millions of dollars.
  • Trained at Fortune 500 companies.
  • Presented workshops at Virginia Head Start Association’s conferences
  • Created custom workshops on Leadership, Communication, and Productivity for private organizations including CPA, Law firms and many non-profit organizations
  • Worked with High Networth Individuals on their Wealth Mindset
  • Created several online courses on Wealth; Leadership; Mindset
  • Done multiple Masterminds on Leadership, Communication, Personal Growth, Productivity – Face to Face, Online and via conference calls & webinars
  • Taken Non Profit organizations which were on the verge of closure to where they are doing great work helping the community at large and making a difference
  • Led groups of people in Master Mind setting where they have been able to make a tremendous difference in their own lives and the organizations they work for
  • Been instrumental in raising performance, even while working with adverse business environments
  • Trained, taught, coached and mentored business leaders
  • Worked across many industries and used the inter-industry knowledge to better my clients’ businesses
  • Taught and practiced leadership
  • Trained and taught about increasing productivity to executives, individuals, teams, and departments

True Measure of Leadership is Influence, Nothing More, Nothing Less – John Maxwell