How to Unlock The Secret Equation of Wealth & Money



– You are living a lifestyle that others envy, but you are in deep credit card debt, and as months go by to keep up your lifestyle, you borrow more, work long hours but are unable to get a handle on it.

– You’re terrified of losing your job because you are a paycheck away from the house of cards falling apart, such as missing car payments, mortgage payments, defaulting on loans, or even facing foreclosure. 

– You are scared of unexpected sickness or are afraid of medical payments; you are postponing the braces for your child who desperately needs it.

– If you have declared bankruptcy before, the shame is deeper – you knew better but somehow got here again.

– Are you untruthful with your spouse about your financial situation?

– You worry about teaching your children the money management skills they need to be successful. You worry your children will be wreckless spenders like you.

– You have no retirement savings and little savings. You are scared of what will happen after you retire, or cannot see retirement in your future. 

– You’re terrified you are going to lose the lifestyle you have worked so hard to achieve.

– You feel like you’ve hit this ceiling on your income because you can’t possibly work any harder and feel there’s no other way to bring in more cash flow.

– Do you feel like you’re going to spend the rest of your life just keeping your head above water when it comes to money instead of enjoying the wealth you want to have? 

You are not satisfied & fulfilled in your life; you mitigate these strong emotions by buying stuff & feeling accomplished this way.


– You were generating more wealth

– Saving your wealth for emergencies, rainy-day, investing, and security

– Growing your wealth – your money making money for you

– Protecting Wealth- Protecting your wealth from intruders, down markets, and simply from ignorance

– Learning and Instilling new wealth habits to make this a lifelong process and not a one-time event.

–  Living a financially stress-free life – ready for any adverse circumstances and without worrying about the future

– Growing your business, ways to fund your business, customer acquisition, understanding profits & cash flow

​- Learn all about the hacks to take your financial life to another level

– A mindset that is geared toward wealth & money attraction​


If You Ignore It, It Just Gets Worse

What most people do when facing Financial Problems is hide from them. Some get more in debt, try borrowing from family or friends, try the get-rich-quick schemes, buy lottery tickets, invest in stocks or markets they believe will give them a quick return, work overtime, and longer hours.

But for most people, none of that works.

  • Most lottery winners are back on street a few years later
  • The only person who gets rich from Get Rich Quick schemes is the person running the scheme
  • Getting faster towards bankruptcy and losing all that you have, including the lifestyle

And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?

 I believe you know the answer.

If any of these sounds like you, I have Great News, because none of those problems is the real problem. Those are just Symptoms.

How I came back from the verge of Bankruptcy, completely changed my financial life around and now have choices

I’ve got an answer that works.

 I was $50,000 in debt…

Things were looking bleak and I felt all my education, my honesty, my trust in other people had failed me, I lost all faith in myself.

It seemed like Bankruptcy was the only option as I was making less than $30,000 per year.

My dream was to come to America. America was bigger than life for me. I wanted everything that America represented, the opportunity, freedom and prosperity. I knew education was important for me and I enrolled in an MBA program, and at this time I sold the only possession of substance I had, my motorcycle to get the money for a one-way ticket to America.

When I arrived in New York, all I had was $20 in my pocket and a dream.

In 1989, I received my MBA degree and had a dream. A dream to be successful, to own a Mercedes Benz, to have a lot of money, to wear nice clothes, eat at nice places, but by 1992, 3 years after getting my degree I had nothing, nothing to show for and I was leading a life of quiet desperation.

At this time, me and my brother Mike met Larry who was a wealthy and successful businessman.

As we got to know him better, we were really impressed by his Half a Million-dollar mansion in Long Island, his Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Cadillac and he had so much more than we had ever seen.

He was literally living my dream. Larry said he saw potential in us and he asked us to invest $10,000 with him to open up a business partnership where we could make over $100,000 a year and be rich like him. Now as I was seeing my dreams begin to come true to get rich quickly, I borrowed $10,000 on my personal credit cards and handed over the cash to him for a partnership in a Ladies Dress business, the concept was to sell overruns of expensive dresses for cheap.

We opened our first store in NYC, Mike and I worked hard, but within six months found it was not doing much business.

We had gone far and deep to back out of it and had to put more money as Larry was very convincing. We closed the store in New York City, then moved to Queens, where the rent was cheaper, and then to Long Island until we were finally reduced to Flea Markets, and nothing worked.

My dream became a nightmare. We poured more money into the business, all from credit cards but the business kept failing.

By chance we met a person who had past dealings with Larry, we found that Larry had filed for bankruptcy before he met us, his big house and those fancy cars, well they were being repossessed by the bank. This was not just a case of misrepresentation but a case of fraud.

Mike and I went through a huge shock and a reality check as we closed the business.

I went to my accountant who advised me to file for bankruptcy as he saw no other option to pay back the $50,000 debt I had accumulated.

So now dejected and afraid, on my way back from his office, I stopped at Borders book store and found this small book which revealed to me the Laws of Money. At that moment I realized where I had gone wrong. I knew in that moment I needed to take full responsibility for my actions.

This was the defining moment in my life. It shaped the next chapter of my life.

I decided not to file for bankruptcy and to pay off all the debt even if it would take me the rest of my life.

Over the next few years, I studied all the books on money and wealth that I could lay my hands on and I used all of my skills and years of experience and created and developed my own method to apply the so called secrets, I created a system of setting and achieving goals, a process to set budgets that work, a system to track my monies and my progress.

By working really hard by having multiple jobs, keeping a laser like focus and discipline and dedication, you all know there is no free ride, there is no get Rich Quick scheme.

In about 3 years’ time I was able to pay off all the debt and be free.

This was another one of those turning point moments in my life.

Now over years, I have read hundreds of books on money & wealth. I have made it my life study. As I am an accountant and have a background with an MBA, I had thought I knew everything that was taught in school and college to be successful and wealthy. However, the educational system does not train you for the real life lessons that money requires us to master.

This is why I created my system.

Over the years since I have owned many businesses and I have used these principles and my system to make money, manage money, and have multiple businesses, one of which generated over a million dollars while I had my job.

I have what I dreamed of now, I have a wonderful home near Washington DC, I have a Mercedes Benz S550 among other cars, all types of electronics that I like, over seven-figure net worth, my brother Mike now drives a Maserati, has a Mercedes, Infinity, all by practicing and applying the system I created from my years of study and experience.

I am now doing what I want to do not what I have to do. I am now a published author and have airtime on a radio show,  I am coaching high net worth individuals on money mindset, business growth. Consulting with organizations and there is so much more. Let’s say doing what I love. 

My friends, money is such a critical part of your life and with just a little bit of knowledge and a proven process and system of understanding it, it can change everything in your life.

See the moral of the story is that I learned the hard way that there are no shortcuts in life. Smart work, filtered through a proven system is the key to success.

Using my unique system which is for people who were like me, not having the beliefs or awareness and who do not understand the laws of money and then by successfully applying the principles through the system I developed, I have been able to build a life where I live on my terms.

See, what took me years to understand and apply to make them work in my life, you don’t have to take years to have it start working in your life, as I am offering you a proven system and coaching, whether your goals are to make some extra money, to save money, to grow your money or protect the money you have, my system reveals all the aspects of all these four critical components. See, I believe you need to think about all four of them at the same time. 

It Worked For These People, And It Will Work For You

Raj is definitely the head not the tail. He is a seasoned Executive Director, coach, speaker and trainer of the John Maxwell TEAM. He not only knew the subject well and designed this course material, he literally walked through every stage of his teaching. It is important to know who you learn from. Raj is a perfect model of what he teaches---a personification of this wonderful course to show you exactly how to reach the goal and the dreamed life you so desperately desired. No doubt, Raj is a millionaire who can make you a millionaire. I am thankful of knowing Raj, a man of integrity and audacity.
Nelson Kung
Author, Coach
I completed Raj Kapur's course on financial management. He very eloquently describes the mindset needed to live in financial balance. He well thought our course includes very practical work books and exercises to help anyone develop the mindset to live a balanced financial lifestyle. I agree with Raj Kapur that too many people live paycheck-to-paycheck. We are largely a nation of immediate gratification. I strongly commend Raj Kapur and the financial management course he has designed for every person whether you are a novice or a professional. Raj Kapur is an expert financier. I strongly recommend everyone follow his advice.
Ron Cooper
President & CEO, MMC innovative Solutions, LLC.
Guidance to Wealth is hands down the most comprehensive wealth building (and wealth keeping) tool on the internet. It not only covers best practices for individuals, families, business owners and entrepreneurs to generate, build and protect their wealth, it also goes into great depth regarding the inner game of wealth - the mindset needed to allow money to show up and stay. There's a workbook AND spreadsheets to totally customize the program to suit all needs. I especially love the segment on raising wealth conscious children! If you're serious about wanting to create wealth in your life, business or family, you need to enroll in this course!
Donna Kunde
IBGR Managing Partner
I didn't grow up with the knowledge of money. My mother didn't talk about money. All I remember is that she used to go to work and she always had to work three jobs, but what happened with the money I had no knowledge. I know we didn't have much. So I grew up with a scarcity mentality. I didn't realize that until actually just recently and even just listening to the calls that I have a scarcity mentality, I operated out of lack and not out of wealth. And so I've chosen to switch my mentality. Before there were many times throughout my life where I had money and I made a six-figure income, but my mentality was, you need to stock up in everything that you need because one day this money is going to be gone and you need to make sure that you're okay. So that's a mentality that I had. So, I would get the money I would spend money because I thought that by stocking up on everything that I needed making sure everything was taking care of that. Everything was going to be okay forever but that's not the way life works. You want to have money come in. Money is abundance, is an energy, and you need to change your mindset in order to attract it. And when it comes, you need to use it appropriately, you need to use some for your shelter, some for your food, for your clothing, you need to use some to give back to society and you need to put some away for your future and let it multiply, and also multiple streams of income, I've learned about that as well. My goal is that throughout this course, I'll learn to become more and more aware of how to have an outstanding relationship with money.
Londina Cruz
I want to just stop in and give a word about guidance to wealth. In my past, my wife and I have gone through different financial programs from very well known people, they all left me feeling defeated and frustrated, and then I was asked to be a part of Guidance to Wealth, I was a little bit skeptical at first, wondering if would work for me. And after watching the first video. I knew this was a program that would leave me feeling hopeful, confident and encouraged. I am now in the process of using this program. And I every day lacen up my boots, standing up tall and moving forward with a confidence that without this series, I would not have. So if you get a chance to be a part of guidance to Wealth, in your situation. Please, don't miss out.
Boyd Hamlin
Creator of "The Hero Builder" for children


When you get Guidance to Wealth today, you’ll discover

  • You got to build your wealth as that is the only way to financial independence, a financially worry free life.
  • In my program, we go over any roadblocks that stand in your way of achieving your goal and we work on what is stopping you from achieving this. 
  • We go over some of your biggest fears that you need to overcome.
  • The major difference between my program and other programs out there and the financial planners is that this program is not just about managing your finances & business. It starts with the change in mindset and beliefs. Unless your mind is geared towards wealth you will not have a happy, wealthy life, even though you may make six figures or even a million dollars. 
  • We go through a self-assessment and see how you are geared towards your money & wealth life, then we work to change your mindset and beliefs and then go into all the aspects of wealth from generating wealth, saving wealth, growing your wealth, protecting your wealth and instilling wealth habits. 
  • Once you have completed the program your mindset will change, you will have created a blueprint of your wealth life, personal, and business and journey and can go from your comfort zone (where you are now) to your dream zone. You will be able to realize your long-lost dreams that money and wealth can fulfill.
  • You will have access to Spreadsheets that are easy to use to create and track your wealth and money among tons of other bonuses to help you along the way. 
  • Once your mindset has changed you will be in a flow state, knowing all about your money, your wealth and will be able to have a complete handle over it.
  • Your pain can be over …. And you can move towards the pleasure that a wealthy lifestyle offers.


You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead. Is that really where you want to go? Take a new action, and get a new result. Finally, get Financially Independent. Which do you really want for yourself? Here’s what to do now… Sign up for the Program and we work together to ..

  • EXAMINE YOUR PERSONALITY PROFILE: A specialized personality assessment, the DISC Assessment, will be used to compare your personality traits with a wealth mindset with 1 hour call with Raj on understanding your assessment and a Video (ONLY WITH THIS OFFER) – $299 Value.
  • GAIN CLARITY: Where are you right now? Before embarking on this journey you will work on developing your Net Worth Statement so you gain clarity on exactly where you are starting, personally and professionally.
  • MAKE A MINDSET SHIFT: In this introduction to Wealth & Money, we review the 10 core principles of wealth building and then complete your Wealth Mindset evaluation to understand the power of your thoughts and beliefs. Next we take a closer look at your “Wealth Wounds” and work on developing strategies for removing your negative beliefs and instill in you a mindset of Abundance and Wealth.
  • GO FROM COMFORT ZONE TO DREAM ZONE: This exercise helps you to create your goals, taking you from where you are now to where you want to be. A visualization exercise helps you to see your goals so that they can be more easily achieved.
  • DISCOVER WAYS TO MAKE MONEY: Discuss approaches and strategies that provide the “How” of generating more wealth, how to grow your business & much more.
  • THE SAVINGS EQUATION: Understand the Savings mindset; your limiting beliefs and then go about making the necessary changes. Engage in Budgeting, Tracking your monies, and a 30 Day Challenge. Discuss Credit Cards, The Debt Epidemic, and review the habits you can adopt on saving money until you are financially independent. How to use Debt intelligently in your business.
  • LEARN ABOUT GROWING YOUR WEALTH: Expand your understanding about growing your wealth, including the Miracle of Compound Interest, Wealth growth mindset, real strategies to grow your wealth- and understand the pain points of not growing your wealth. 
  • LEARN HOW TO PROTECT YOUR WEALTH & MONEY:At various stages of life you need to make sure you are protecting the money & wealth that you have worked so hard to obtain. 
  • RAISE YOUR WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS: Understand why people struggle with wealth, what are the habits that you need to adopt for long-term success. And a bonus on – Steps to raise wealth-conscious children.