Raj on stage with Dr. Paul Scheele

News on 16 Apr , 2016

Dr. Paul R. Scheele is the CEO of Scheele Learning System. He has had a profound effect on my life. I started following and learning his programs in early 1990’s. I started with Photoreading which increased my reading speed tremendously. After that I got hooked onto the “Paraliminals” – An amazing concept. https://scheelelearning.com/products/paraliminals/

I am now going through his program on Future Mapping and Genius Code.

Learning from him and talking to him on Stage and after the session at John Maxwell Group Training in Orlando, Florida was a Dream Come True. The persons whose voice I have been listening on almost daily basis, whose work has impacted my growth and life is so humble, so brilliant it is amazing. This meeting was meant to be.


Raj with Paul Scheele